September 24, 2019 | The Grand Del Mar Resort | Del Mar, CA

Day 1
12 Jul 2017

Keynote: Global Economic Outlook

How will the changing political and economic environment affect the headwinds and tailwinds of 2017? What challenges and opportunities will arise that will affect trade show participation?  Where are the  growth areas within each region of the world today and  5 years from now?
Day 2
13 Jul 2017

General Session: Successful Global Business Models

What is the Right Overseas Business Model for us?  A blue-ribbon panel of US organizers looks at the strategies and business arrangements that can pave the way to success in overseas markets.

General Session: Prepping Your Exhibitors to Exhibit Successfully Internationally

A distinguished panel shares its experiences and case studies on what you and your exhibitors need to know to maximize global trade show participation.

General Session: Best Practices in Digital, Print and Face-to-Face Marketing

After making the decision to launch in an overseas market, the next big step is getting the word out to an entirely new pool of attendees and exhibitors. Learn why mobile interface and O2O (online-to-offline) models and other strategies should be in the marketing plan for trade show organizers going outside the U.S.
Day 3
14 Jul 2017

General Session: Global Safety and Security Concerns

Everyone is concerned with safety and security in venues worldwide.  Panelists share their practices in different areas of the world and what is being done to create a safe experience for their customers.